Medical Assistance inMallorca   Health Care and Medical options in the area ofMallorca

Villas Medical Services has ...

  • Contact numbers 24/365 900 844 484 +34 871 959 966
  • A department of multilingual medical assistance 24H, Should you require advice and / or medical care, your agency or your customer directly, can contact our call center; staffed by qualified personnel 24 hours and in different languages, which will ensure an effective response and give you the necessary information, if necessary.
  • A team of medical professionals have extensive experience in treating foreign patients. They always give a high quality, professional and compassionate care, and in most the cases, in the language of the patient.
  • A network throughout the island, with more than 20 medical centers collaborating, distributed throughout the geography of the island and located in the most strategic tourist areas. Our freephone staff can give driving directions to the nearest medical center if required thus ensuring that the center will be waiting to assist, as per the information provided over the telephone.
  • We have our own and collaborate with an external fleet of ambulances for serious cases.
  • Hospital de Día en Playa de Muro. A 24 hour accident and emergency care facility.
  • Hospital Quirón Palmaplanasis at your service in case you need medical diagnostic tests or hospitalisation. The patient will always have single rooms with a bed for the companion and will be cared by our team of Welfare in their own language, and with personalised a telephone answering system called Dualia that allows to translate from 62 languages wiith a native from that country thus maintaining a fluid and close communication with the relatives at all times and international insurance companies.
  • An effective geolocation tool shows the patient their exact gegraphic position and allow quick and precise healthcare assistance.