How does it work?   Health Care Procedure

  • 1 Call at 900 844 484 o 0034 871 959 966 from a foreign mobile phone.

  • 2 Provide the necessary information to our operator:

    • Name and Surname of patient
    • Address or location where it is
    • Contact phone number
    • What happens to the patient
    • Insurance information if necessary

  • 3 Please tell us how you knew our service

  • 4 Locate me

    The button "Locate Me" below indicated on the web page is to help where you are. If the house where you are staying is located outside an urban area, and do not have the GPS coordinates of this your location, we can locate you usign this system. This is very useful if you have an incident out of the house on the beach, hiking ...

    Important to note:

    • For the geo location to be effective the "Locate me" button must be activated from any device with GPS or WiFi, outside of the house. It does not work from a desktop or laptop computer without GPS.
    • A window will pop up requesting permission wich you have to accept to access your position, otherwise it couldn´t share the location.
    • For security reasons of our system, you can only send one location per day, from one device.
  • 5 This enables us us to provide the necessary assistance

    • Medical service is guaranteed 24 hours a day.
    • In case you require specialised care we can arrange it for you to have the best professionals in the area and the best hospital care Mallorca.