Philosophy   Our Business Philosophy

The holiday is the most desired and expected time of the year. We spend a lot of time planning how to get the maximum enjoyment to rest, sunbathe, play sports, visit charming places or cultural, enjoying the evenings and even even try to do it all at once.

Getting sick on holidays implies that you won´t be able to carry out those wishes and dreams we´ve thought a thousand times during the year. This can get worse when you're in a foreign country without family support, without having someone to help you on what to do or where to go, and the difficulty of the language.

Villas Medical Services was created with the goal to meet the needs of providing medical attention for in-patients and out-patients in rentals Houses, apartments, Villas and also foreign residents on the island of Mallorca.

Our main task is to assist the patient with a high standards and a personalized way and to help to expedite their recovery so they can continue enjoying your holiday